• A textile for binding: general book, the commemorative history, history of a company, poetry songbook, account book
  • A textile for frames: frame, cover of the box, sum book
  • A textile for hanging scrolls: hanging scroll, screen
  • A textile for albums: classbook, general album
  • A textile for stationery products: file, binder
  • Others: Textile for various material uses
  • We guide you about the other texture, the other dyeing, various laminating processing, adhesion processing, moire processing, the cutting.
General sample book General sample book Mainly on the binding, a picture mounting, an album, a notebook, a binder, I prepare a lot of textiles which are usable in a great variety of uses.
Sample book for art hanging scrolls Sample book for art hanging scrolls It is a sample book for art mounting such as hanging scrolls mainly. From cloth of gold, silver brocade to damask, cotton China par, I have a large number of textiles.
Sample book for art hanging scrolls Other various samples book I prepare for a sample book according to various uses. Please refer for the details about the sample book directly.
  • Various gift packages
  • Vanity case for fruits and vegetables (including a melon, an apple, a mango, a grape, a peach, the orange)
  • Basket ( an exhibition basket, a bamboo basket, the wooden box)
  • Basket for funeral services, arrow holder, name card, artificial flower
  • Ribbon for packing, decoration, lapping, paper mat, wrapping paper, furoshiki, paper sack
  • Various labels, card, seal
  • Cap for fruit, case, pack, net
    Other than a catalogue product, I heard it about the comment product. Please refer willingly.
  • GESU (Insole for gift packages)
  • GESU is used a lot to spread it in ham, sake, whiskey, fruit.
  • We produce on an assembly line in company factory. Please refer willingly.